”Everything happens for a reason”, is my motto.
Sometimes we will never know why. But sometimes life is like a red thread.

This is my red thread:

• If I had not started in therapy, Victor had perhaps not been diagnosed with ADHD. The Child Psychologists probably had only blamed us parents.
And Victor had not received the support he needed.

• If Victor had not been diagnosed with ADHD, I’d never been an Attitude Ambassador and started to lecture about ADHD.
I am now in my fifth year as a lecturer.

• Had I not taken the course to become an Attitude Ambassador, I might never ended up on the board for Attention.
I’ve been a chairman of Attention Enköping-Håbo for 4 years,

• Had I not been an Attitude Ambassador, I probably would not begun the therapist training at the Psychosynthesis Academy.
Me, a therapist? Nah, didn’t think so.

• If I had not begun the study to become a therapist, I probably never thought that I could write or draw.
Because I was told I couldn’t, at elementary school.

• Had I not learned to believe in myself and my abilities, my potential, I’d never illustrated, authored and published a book by myself.
And then there were two books, and soon there will be three.

• Had I not taken the therapist studies, become an Attitude Ambassador, started blogging and created these books, I’d never started a business, again.
MrsHyper is the company name.

• Had I not taken the four-year therapist training, I’d probably not been able to cope with my husband’s burnout and depression.
My husband is after just over two years still on sick leave.

So, thank you Victor for opening my eyes, so I can see the world in a new way. My previous way was prejudiced and small.
I love being able to actually see opportunities even at its toughest in life.

With hyperregards
/ MrsHyper
Jessica Stigsdotter Axberg

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